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14 Panel Drug Test Cup T cup
14 Panel Drug Test Cup T cup

Disease tests

We provide effective, fast and confidential tests offering information on people's health, namely indicating the presence of HIV and Hepatitis C, and tests to detect common and potentially risky conditions like increased levels of Cholesterol, and Allergies which adversely affect the quality of life. These tests offer laboratory quality, and convenience and comfort of taking them in the confidential home environment.

What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Viruses are germs that cause infections such as the flu and chickenpox. HIV attacks the immune system. A healthy immune system protects the body from infections and some cancers. Over the course of time, HIV disables the immune system, interfering with its function. HIV is the only known virus that causes AIDS.

Who is at risk of becoming infected with HIV?

You can’t become infected with HIV because of who you are. Instead, you may be at risk because of what you do. HIV can be passed from one person to another in 4 main ways. All involve coming into contact with bodily fluids.

They are:
• Having unprotected sex with an HIV infected person
• Sharing syringes or needles with an HIV infected person
• Being born to an HIV infected mother
• Breast feeding from an HIV infected mother

A person cannot become infected with HIV through casual contacts such as shaking hands, kissing, or preparing food for another individual.

How can you keep from becoming infected with HIV?

The best way to prevent HIV infection is to avoid risky behaviors. Condoms should always be used, even during oral sex. Don’t share needles with anyone. HIV infected mothers should not breast feed newborns. Finally, if you are pregnant, you should to talk to your doctor about using AZT or other drugs to prevent infecting your unborn child with HIV.

How do you know if you are HIV-positive?

A blood test is the most well-known way to know if you are infected with HIV. You should be tested if you are have had unprotected sex with an HIV infected person or someone whose status is unknown for you, or with someone who has shared needles. Likewise all babies born to HIV infected mothers should be tested. Your doctor or public health clinic can perform the test in a confidential manner. You can also use OTC blood test kit, which used only identification number instead of names to protect your privacy.

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 Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs 
 Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs 
 Strep A Test Strips, 25/bx 
 Strep A Test Strips, 25/bx 
 The Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit System 
 The Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit System 
 UTI Urinary Tract Infection 3 Tests In Box 
 UTI Urinary Tract Infection 3 Tests In Box 
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1 
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01.Latex Powder Free Exam Gloves 5 pairs
02.The Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit System
03.UTI Urinary Tract Infection 3 Tests In Box
04.Strep A Test Strips, 25/bx

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